Thursday, February 10, 2005

Barring last minute changes, i should be on RaiNews24's evening programme "Next" at 18.00 CET this evening, talking about "The Day of Memory".

some comments so far:

I entirely agree with the contents of your article. May i add that in a country where you have a member of the Government who brags about the fact that as a youngster he was a volunteer in the army of the fascist Salo puppet republic this trend is not so surprising, all the more so as a perfectly correct person, such as Ciampi, seems to be preaching indiscriminate reconciliation...

To dare put at the same level the foibe and the Shoah is indeed shocking but I am afraid it is becoming more and more common. Gasparri is certainly no political genius but I suppose he is just fishing for votes in the forthcoming elections where we also see some left wing politicians flirting with Alessandra Mussolini simply because they hope that the votes she will be able to collect weakens their rivals...

Hard times, indeed.


Thank you for this. It is a most apposite reminder of the ease with which
history can be manipulated/perverted.

On the 27th, the Chairman of the CU History Faculty sent us all an email
reminding us of the signicance of the day. I pondered on the fact that a)he is
a Jew and b) I am a homosexual...


Your comments are interesting, and there would be alot more to say about the
effect the Day of Memory of the Shoah had on the Italian public, on students,
etc. Not all positive, and some very confused and dangerous.... Many that I
heard, were to the effect of "Basta|". I think alot of rethinking has to be
done on how to present the Shoah to future generations.

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